Top Romantic Wedding Dress Styles

dressSearching for romantic wedding dresses is easier than one would think. Of course there are certain styles that lend more to a romantic setting than others. These are the top styles a bride should consider if she’s planning a wedding that will be filled with romance for her and her bow as well as all the guests.

Lace Around a Pretty Face

What could be more stunning than romantic wedding dresses that feature lace? From the very delicate Chantilly lace to a boulder style of Alencon, one can find it on all the runways worldwide when it comes to current wedding styles. There’s no doubt that lace is inherently romantic and has been throughout much of history.

Expect to see some modern touches with the classic lace styles. Amazing graphic patterns, soft layers and shimmering applies are featured in the newest styles. Lace dresses come in:

· High-low hemlines

· Illusion necklines

· Fit and flare

· Lace Mermaid

· Corset Ball Gown

· V-neck Sheath

· A-line and Layers


Friendship For Better Health

Group Of Men Cooking On Barbeque At Home
Group Of Men Cooking On Barbeque At Home

Quality friendships really do benefit our mental and physical health. Historically, we always have lived in groups because it facilitated our survival. It’s easier to hunt, live, and provide security as a group. Today, we mostly live in family units or individually. But, our basic human needs for social support and belonging has not changed. Here are some the many health benefits of your friendships.

Friends are especially good for your heart and can extend your life. A recent report(1) of a three year study of 13,600 women and men who had no or few friends found that this increased their chance of a first heart attack by 50%. In a study of women only, similar results were found. Women are twice as likely to die when they have the least social support. The women with the best friends had lower blood pressure, less diabetes, and less abdominal fat–better health.

The way this works is that social contact relieves stress which

Controlling Behavior in Relationships

controllingPain, anger, and frustration are common for you if your partner is a bit of a control freak. Dealing with a dominant partner can be very tricky at times — almost a choice between retaining your personal space, or the relationship itself! Controlling friends or colleagues don’t affect us just as much; however, they definitely add up to the frustration.

Though such a relationship can be suffocating, it’s not the end of the world! At times, people tend to overreact. Genuine concern and protectiveness can also be misunderstood for controlling behavior; there is a very thin line differentiating the two. Learning to tackle such people is one way out, otherwise it’s only a matter of time till their behavior gets the best of you.

Ask yourself the following questions to check if your partner is really holding the reins of your life or is it just you getting worked up over nothing.

Is Your Partner Taking Over Your Life?

➤ Does your partner lose his/her temper at the drop of a hat?
➤ Do you feel like you have no

Wedding Reception

Essentially, it is an after-wedding party that the bride’s parents provide for their and the groom’s family, friends, and guests, plus the friends of the bride and groom. It should be magnanimous, memorable, and fun. It can also be very out-of-hand expensive, but it does not have to be that. By registering for her gifts, by web-searching, and by attending bridal showers, the bride elect makes noise that represents the bugle call of the fox hunt, where the hunting hounds are every business that wants to make a lot of money providing stuff for her wedding.

The smart bride elect should consider all of this contact, think about what is important to her about her wedding and discuss this with her parents. The wedding, the wedding reception, and the honeymoon should be special and memorable. But, it would be nice to also be a young couple that receives some startup money for married life. Typically, what happens is the father of the bride plans and intends to give his daughter a four or five-figure check as a wedding gift. Quite often, she does not get one red cent, because she chose to incur wedding costs that squander

Wedding Caterers Checklist

People have overcome the typical itinerary to make their wedding a special event of life. Now the weddings are planned to represent their relationship and personalities best. From wedding attire to avenues and menu to music everything is personalised to make it exceptional and enduring. Exquisite photographers are chosen to capture the emotions and candid moments of the day, as these moments got cherished for life. Altogether, wedding planning is not a cake walk it involves endless details and meeting deadlines to make the event a memorable one.

Your wedding day comes only once, and it can’t be replicated so relish your beautiful moments. Save your resources, intensity and the most important thing time for the day and invest in a wedding planner who will let you free from all your wedding responsibilities. A wedding planner is helping hands who systematically arrange and plan your wedding, reception and probably your honeymoon.

They start off by meeting you to understand the ceremonies and review the overall budget. The meeting aimed to sense the style, colour, vibe and taste of the bride and groom. And progress to date will be shared accordingly. Upon convincing, wedding planner present with

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Every girl begins to dream about her wedding day as early as six or seven years old. Imagining being a Princess, walking down the aisle towards her Prince as her closest family and friends watch and admire the beginning of their new lives. It is an emotional day for everyone as a father gives away her daughter and joins two families together. Some say it is the most important day of their lives and the start of a new chapter. When a relationship begins to get more serious, sometimes even before the proposal, a woman has already fantasized about the colors, flowers and especially the dress. Pinterest, WeddingWire and other social media sites begin to consume one’s browser history by trying to find the perfect fit for the couple’s personality. Options range from a destination wedding to a beach wedding, either spring or summer, and even traditional or nontraditional. Since every couple is different, a wedding coordinator has likely never organized the same wedding twice. A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience with a one shot deal and hiring a wedding coordinator is the best way to assure your event remains one of the happiest memories

How to Be So Happy in Love

There is no perfect recipe for love. You got to discover the exact blend to get the right taste. The thing is, if you are only patient and persistent enough, your deep emotion for someone will last for eternity. Like a beautiful flower, love is a feeling that should be cultivated in order to grow stronger.

Love is not all about happiness.

It’s a road full of twists and turns and if you’re lucky enough, you might find the right person that will make you enjoy the bumpy ride. Whenever you are with that person, they will leave a mark in your life that will forever be tagged as one of your happiest moments. But what happens if they decide to walk out of your life? A part of you will be lost and it will take some time for you to recover.

So you see, in love, there are no guarantees. You take risks and invest too much emotion with only a feeling to hold on to. When you fall in love, make the most out of each moment and choose happiness through the following tips.

Be who you are

Once you

The Most Important Mother Alive

Mothers don’t have to be people who have carried their infants to birth. But mothers do need to be carers, because mothers are carers. As the Father Heart of God is to love us in perfect accord to His flawless will, the Mother Heart of God is to provide the nurture crucial to all our human development, which is indispensable in early life.

This article is about the most important mother alive. It’s not about the greater legacy that has been left by the mothers of yesteryear in their suffering for our grandparents’, our parents’, and our own good. It’s about the mother in the midst of actually mothering.



Our Father,

In Your Wisdom You made the world to be sustained through fathers and mothers; of two persons biologically assigned and called to procreate, and without them both, all intelligent creation is ruined. Glory is Yours, LORD, for Your way that sees humankind prosper on the earth.

Thank You, firstly LORD, for fathers. Thank You for the image of servanthood that the male embodies in leading as Jesus would. Thank You that a

Friendship the Burgeoning Step of a Relationship

Have you ever thought of the title question? Do you have any straight forward answers? I suggest that you read on for insights.

I had always thought and believed that friendship with a guy for a few years will lead to love and relationship. While I really was on that path, I was jolted out of the blues when the guy I was closely bonded with answered that he still considered me to be a friend and couldn’t think otherwise. He was the first guy I really liked and was starting to fall for him. I was dismayed with his response but respected his wishes, and in order to console myself, I sang the Titanic song over and over again, putting special emphasis on the line: “My heart will go on and on.”

Arranged marriages are rampant in our country and they do not always break, but rather stick. On the other hand divorce rates in our country have increased ten fold in the new era compared to the old times, even with marriages that initiated with love affairs.

So you see there is no easy solution to my question. But on the other hand when you commit to a relationship, you have

Online Dating Free and Safely

There is also an alternative to this “Craigslist” that is right! Craigslist free dating is free to post ads in the personals for singles section and once your ad is posted all you have to do is renew it every 2-3 days and re-post it about once a week to keep it fresh and in front of millions. Although online dating sites you must beware of, there are plenty of frauds on Craigslist and things to watch out for even though it is free online dating. Note this is one of the alternatives free dating websites or if you prefer the best online dating sites from the internet dating world.

Step 1: Open up a simple notepad utility from your computer or device that you can easily find again. Using a notepad is an easy way to write a short Bio of yourself (Remember – keep it simple, but also safe.) Once you have completed that, find a “Spell Checker” of some sort like Microsoft Word and make any necessary edits you have to.

Step 2: Now let us open-up a web browser from whatever your favorite is and type in after you sign up

Wedding Rings Things to Remember When Buying

The history of wedding rings can be traced back to the Roman times. The weddings rings are the last gift in the series of engagement celebrations. A circle or ring signifies endless love, loyalty and infinity. Today, brides and grooms have a sea of options for style, pattern and design, making wedding rings more of an art work than just a traditional symbol. Selecting a wedding ring is unique and personal and must go with the couple’s personality and sense of style. Below are some tips for buying the perfect wedding bands.

Shop early. It is not ideal to delay wedding band shopping. Chances are, you will be overwhelmed with the array of choices available. You need time to contemplate on the style and design you require. Ideally, wedding band shopping should start at least three months before the big day.

Set a budget. How much are you willing to spend for your wedding band? Determine a budget and try to stick with it. If you come across wedding bands that exceed your budget, think carefully. If the budget is tight, keep in mind that there is always an opportunity for an upgrade once you buy

Secrets to Have A Successful Dating Relationship

Relationships are prone to witness many ups and downs. It is quite interesting to note that only 63% relationships turn into wonderful marriages. According to experts and love gurus, relationships should have few ingredients in order to become successful. Apart from being happy, satisfied and healthy with one another, your bond must have 8 more ingredients. In this short write up, you will get a comprehensive insight through these artifacts.

1. Enjoy One Another: You must enjoy each other’s presence. This is a very simple rule for all relationships to stand the test of time. You should talk and do interesting things together. Beatles’ Ringo Starr stated that he enjoys his wife’s presence like none other. He declares this as the secret behind his successful marriage of more than 3 decades old.

Cute Fights: You must be prepared to fight smoothly and skillfully. There is no harm in enjoying few conflicts while dating. This is because two different people are bound to have disappointments, disagreements and difference in opinions. However, most successful couples fight with lots of thought and care. A case study that was conducted by researchers in the University of California declared that “well

Tips to Make Him Chase You

It is not uncommon for women to chase men but still, most women want to be chased and pursued by men. So how to make him chase you?

Play hard to get. Men love to be challenged and they love the chase so play hard to get and make him chase you instead. Men value something or someone he worked hard for. Let him do what men should be doing, that is be the one who pursue women. Give him the feeling that he earned you.

Be mysterious. Spilling every detail of your life or pouring all your feelings is not very attractive to most men. Actually, this behavior could scare men especially if you just met or just started dating. Be a little mysterious and let him wonder about your life. The curiosity will make him chase you.

Always look good. Take care of your appearance. Practice good hygiene and put attention to small details like your feet and nails. Some women love to wear nice sandals and open shoes but sometimes forget to take care of their feet. Dress to kill or wear clothes that make you look sexy and classy at the

Tips For Dating A Cougar

The term, “cougar” is used to define a woman who is above 35 years old and interested to date men who are younger than her. Cougars are strong and confident women who know exactly what they want in a relationship. If you want to date a cougar, the following tips will help you to a great extent. Though you may be a young man, you need to display some maturity around a cougar to win her attention and get the relationship going.

1. Attention to physical appearance

One of the qualities of a cougar is that she loves extremely good looking younger men. She chooses her men carefully. So, if you have to win her attention and start dating her, you have to be impeccably dressed. You should dress appropriately and have a trimmed hairstyle so that you look neat and presentable always. Wearing a branded perfume is a must as a cougar loves classy scents.

2. No mention about age

While the cougar is quite independent and straightforward, she doesn’t like to be reminded of her age too often, just like any other woman. So, if you are dating a cougar, remember this

Dating Conversation Tips

These dating conversation tips will help prevent ‘foot-in-mouth’ conversations on dates by following this simple guide, the only 9 tips you will ever need to have free-flowing fun conversations…

So you exchanged numbers and organized to meet up for coffee.

Now you’re nervous. What will I do? What will I say?

“OH GOD. Will there be an awkward silence?!”

Relax. This really simple ‘Dating Conversation Tips’ guide is all you need to start having fun conversations on dates.

People always only seem to think of themselves. So if you are feeling nervous before going on a date, remember that the other person is human too. They are probably just as nervous.

To help you combat the awkward silences that often occur during dates, here are the only 9 dating conversation tips you will ever need:

1. Avoid lots of logical, boring questions.

“What engine size is your car?”, “How fast is your computer processor?”. These questions do not engage girls’ interest as much as guys. Focus on fun and emotional topics as they are more interesting to both of you.

When either asking questions or answering them, the 5

Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

At the top of every engaged couple’s to-do list is finding the perfect wedding venue. Some couples know exactly which venue they’d like to host their wedding at from the moment they get engaged, while some of you may not have a clue as to what you want and what is even available to you in your area. The wedding venue is the first thing you will book as a newly engaged couple and it sets the tone for the overall feel for your wedding day.

The options are endless. From grand hotels to quaint bistros, sprawling gardens to urban rooftops, and rustic barns to modern cityscapes – the choices can become overwhelming. So how do you narrow down what you want in order to find the perfect wedding venue for your day? Even if you have a general idea of what you are looking for, there are so many factors to consider. Here are some tips to help guide you in finding the perfect wedding venue.

Determine your style.

A casual affair with outdoor elements, or a formal soirée at a grand hotel? Downtown chic or a lakeside retreat? A rustic country feel or

Step Guide to Plan Your Wedding

Plan your budget

While planning your wedding, you must have a clear cut idea about how much you can afford to spend. Based on the budget you should finalize the venue and caterers. Some couples fund their own wedding while in some cases parents will share the budget. There are also some parents who fund the entire event. But whatever the case you must fix a budget before finalizing other things.

Find your perfect wedding venue

The second important thing is to plan and finalize your wedding venue. People book venues almost one year in advance. The wedding date depends a lot on the availability of the venue. So you must finalize the venue without any delay. After booking the reception venue, you must decide where you will be spending your first night as a couple. If your wedding reception is not happening in a place with hotel facilities you will have to book a hotel room in advance.

Buy wedding insurance

Wedding is an expensive affair. There are a lot of expenses, from wedding rings, wedding dress, to catering and other wedding essentials; they will cost you a lot. It is better

Planning and Organizing the Day

For couples worldwide a wedding is the most cherishing moment in their lives. Every wedding celebration requires serious planning and organization to make everything perfect for you and the people that will attend on the D-day. Wedding planning and wedding arrangements can free you from all hazels as you can predict everything and include everyone from designers to expert consultants that may help you during your moments of happiness.

Everything has to be perfect, so start with your wedding cards that need to be sent at least eight weeks before the final date. Wedding invitations may have different formats that can match perfectly the theme of the ceremony. From traditional to contemporary wedding cards can be designed to suite the mood of the whole celebration. There are options to purchase some blank cards and then design and decorate them by yourself. You can sometimes add a location map or direction so the guests can find the restaurant right away without any difficulties.

Wedding jewellery is also a huge part of the wedding as a reminder of the big day. Planning your jewellery and your budget includes purchasing the wedding rings that needs to be exchanged on

5 Quick Tips Talk To Girls

Talking to girls without getting across as creepy seems to be a daunting task. You are a complete stranger to her (most of the times), have a short time frame of 5 minutes at the most usually to spark her interest and open ways for future communication.

Thus the art of approaching women is not exclusively an art but a science too with some must have arrows in your quiver.

1. Be presentable

No I am not talking about wearing expensive clothes and accessories, having six pack abs etc. but if you are thinking about approaching her in those dirty sagging jeans, messy hair, over-sized shirt and reeking of sweat then you are axing the very branch on which you are sitting.

2. How you say is more important than what you say

I have tried more than 50 types of lines and openings. Yeah I googled funny, witty and whatnot kind of pickup lines like most of us have done and believe me the simple ones worked really well. And then it dawned upon me that I had been more focused on what to say all the time rather than being comfortable

Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

At the top of every engaged couple’s to-do list is finding the perfect wedding venue. Some couples know exactly which venue they’d like to host their wedding at from the moment they get engaged, while some of you may not have a clue as to what you want and what is even available to you in your area. The wedding venue is the first thing you will book as a newly engaged couple and it sets the tone for the overall feel for your wedding day.

The options are endless. From grand hotels to quaint bistros, sprawling gardens to urban rooftops, and rustic barns to modern cityscapes – the choices can become overwhelming. So how do you narrow down what you want in order to find the perfect wedding venue for your day? Even if you have a general idea of what you are looking for, there are so many factors to consider. Here are some tips to help guide you in finding the perfect wedding venue.

Determine your style.

A casual affair with outdoor elements, or a formal soirée at a grand hotel? Downtown chic or a lakeside retreat? A rustic country feel or