Casino Tokens

Casino tokens are small discs like shapes that are used in lieu of currency in casinos. It is also known as chips, checks or cheques made from metals molded plastics or compressed molding clay. Money is exchanged in tokens in casino cage to play various gambling games on table and gaming slots and after finishing the game these tokens are interchangeable in the form of hard cash from the casino cage.

These casino tokens are easy to handle and are also used to avoid risk of handling large amount of hard cash that usually offered on playing tables. These tokens having different colors prefixed and prescribed for different values of money. Casino tokens generally do not have any value outside the casinos although it is an interesting fact that in some gambling towns these tokens are accepted by taxi drivers and waiters as tips who either exchange them for cash or try their own luck at a casino to earn big money.

Hobby to collect casino chips as well as gaming tokens is now becoming more and more famous, with the collectors club to be formed at 1988. Some of the casino chips are totally worth $100,000. There are many casinos that sell the custom made sets of token and decks of cards to be stamped with name of casino on them.

In spite of fact gambling houses were been legalised at Venice 1626 actual poker token wasn’t used for 2 hundred years. Also, back in 19th century or prior, the poker players appeared to use small valuable object imaginable. The early poker players at times used jagged pieces, nuggets, dust and coins and “chips” mainly made of bone, ivory, paper, wood, and composition made from shellac and clay.