Best roulette tactic

Most casino visitors who want to conquer the queen of gambling entertainment, ask the question: “What kind of strategy and tactics of roulette games will definitely work? Users hope to increase their chances of winning by applying certain game combinations and algorithms. In this parsing we will consider the main ones. Keep in mind that the strategy chosen will be effective only if you register on a really reliable site. You can choose a good site based on online casino reviews.

How to win online roulette

There are four basic rules that will increase your chances of success:

  • Before you make a roulette deposit, read the specific casino overview;
  • Distribute your bankroll evenly. It is better not to bet on a van der Bank;
  • Do not bet on five numbers at once;
  • Use only certain systems for the game.

Basic roulette strategies

The ideal roulette strategy and tactics do not exist, because the system is not able to influence the mathematical superiority of the casino. Therefore, different methods should not be 100% trusted in everything. But using a certain system, the user is more closely monitoring his bankroll, and therefore does not mindlessly drains money from the gaming account. As a result, the chances of success increase. So, briefly describe the most popular strategies and roulette tactics:

  1. Martingale – a method where you need to double the size of the bet after each loss. It is important to bet on one color until the winnings are reached. After the winning back the player returns to the original amount of bets, but on a different color.
  2. Labusher – a strategy that uses the cross out of certain numbers.
  3. The strategy of d’Alambert – a method where after each win the sum of bets decreases, and after losing it increases. It is important to knowingly determine the average amount for the bet, so that the user could make cheaper and more expensive moves.
  4. Parlay method. According to this method, the betting amount increases after a successful spin. It is created by the initial bet and the amount of prize money received. Thanks to this algorithm, this method is called Anti-Martingale. Fans of this roulette tactic believe that the main thing here is to say “stop” in time to get out of the game in the plus.
  5. Thomas Donald’s system. According to this method, the user needs to increase the amount of the move by one digit after winning. But after a losing spin bet decreases by one. Here it is important to play for equal chances.
  6. Passwords – here you also need to bet after each winning back to catch the so-called “luck strip” or “smile of fortune”. In order to stay here, the player must be able to say “stop”. This method works especially well in French roulette.
  7. The Biarritz method is a method with an elementary principle, according to which, it is necessary to put the funds on one number, distributing at least 36 moves. If you fail to win during these spins, you must multiply the bet twice to continue the game.
  8. The Big Square system is a method that will not be exactly appreciated by supporters of probability theory. According to this tactic of the game, those numbers that have already fallen out 2 times over the course of 36 turns of the wheel, will definitely fall out more. Accordingly, bets should be placed on numbers that have already been won twice.

All of the above algorithms can be tested in the best Portugal online casinos.

Roulette tactics for offline casinos

  • Learn how to read a dealer’s handwriting. Human factor is not canceled, which means that every dealer sooner or later gets tired. From this he begins to act monotonously. Thanks to this, you can trace the trajectory of the ball, as well as guess where it stops.
  • Visual tracking. Here, one player should shoot on video as the ball moves. The second, having viewed the video, with the help of a computer analyze the probability of hitting the ball in a particular sector.