General roulette rules

Although roulette games are not as popular as slot machines, without the “queen of the casino” it is difficult to imagine a large gaming portal or a decent land-based institution with gambling. roulette was tried not one generation of professional players, but unsuccessfully. However, there are different roulette systems, but they can not provide 100% guarantee. It is not for nothing that the famous scientist Alfred Einstein joked that the best way to win roulette is to steal chips until the dealer sees it.

Winning the game is still possible, but only in separate sessions. If you have fun for a long time, it is likely that all the chips will be lost. However, do not give up this entertainment. Moreover, there are such types of roulettes, where the user gets the maximum chance to win. The roulette game on the system still gives a good result. In addition, the best online casinos offer users favorable promotions and bonuses.

General roulette rules

In this article we will briefly describe the main principles of the game:

  • The goal of the participant is to bet on the number in which the ball can stop;
  • roulette betting opens and closes the dealer;
  • You can bet on a number, a few numbers, the color of the cell, even and odd numbers;
  • Different types of bets can be combined, but the main thing is not to exceed the limits of the table;
  • Dealer announces the closing and opening of bets.
  • An online casino client makes his own bets if he doesn’t play at one of the Live Dealer Online Casinos. In land-based gambling houses dealer accepts oral bets.

All bets in roulette are divided into:

  • internal – all bets on specific numbers;
  • external – bets on color, large and small numbers, even and odd numbers, columns and dozens.
  • there are other types of bets on some tables, such as sectors.

When choosing a game, you should take into account its variety. Distinguish:

  1. European version of the game – there are 36 numbers and zero on the wheel;
  2. American roulette – there are 36 numbers, as well as zero and double zero;
  3. French roulette is distinguished by an extended set of bets and special rules for falling out of zero. In this version on the wheel provided 36 numbers and zero.

How to find out what number will fall in the roulette

The researchers analyzed the peculiarities of the European version of roulette and discovered a few secrets that will help to determine the outcome of the game with greater probability.

Here are the main secrets of determining the lucky number on roulette:

  • Analyze the peculiarities of ball and wheel movement. This will require a lot of concentration, but it may help in determining the approximate segment of cells where the ball is more likely to fall out. This method is effective primarily for ground establishments.
  • Place consecutive bets on the same number. Sometimes it is very risky, but the winnings will cover the costs.
  • Another trick for offline venues. Look for a wheel that has been defective since then. Sometimes this makes it rotate irregularly and stops more often in certain sectors. But there are also interruptions in the work of RNG on virtual sites, so it is worth watching closely the trends.
  • Bet on a series of sectors, this will increase the probability of winning.
  • Use one of the proven roulette gaming strategies. Do not deviate from it throughout the game session, and you can guess the number on the roulette.

How to earn money on roulette is told by many, but not everyone understands that without the persistent improvement and analysis can not achieve stable results. And if you like not only the gambling wheel, then it’s time to try poker, it will depend on your skills and analysis of the situation at the table. Finally, to get the maximum profit on roulette, don’t forget to get the casino registration bonus.