When it’s better to play low dispersion machines

When asked which machine slot to choose, there is no clear answer. You may like some game novelty, but in the end it turns out that the dispersion here is very unpredictable. In most cases, you will need to repeatedly scroll the drums to find out if a particular device suits you or not. If you want to find the most interesting games, it is worth to study Best Online Casino Games 2019.

When it’s best to play on low dispersion machines

Slots with low volatility are designed primarily for entertainment. There is an irresistible atmosphere here, as they often give out small wins and admire your luck and welcome every prize coin with loud salvoes. But they will never pay you what is called life-changing money. Usually the winnings do not exceed x400 bets. These slots should be played in such cases:

  • You just want to get an adrenaline boost;
  • You don’t play a bankroll and there’s not much money left on your account;
  • You like to play a lot;
  • You want to play a small session and win something;
  • You want to see as many performance and slot machine functions as possible.

But with low-volatile slots there are exceptions. This is especially true for slot machines with storage jackpots. These machines can increase your bet by 100 times. On the low dispersion slots you do not take a lot of risks. Your bankroll will remain stable and your winnings will rarely exceed your starting balance by more than 25%. Low dispersion slots should be recommended for beginners and thrill seekers.

When to play high-volatile slots

High dispersion with a favorable outcome – these are big winnings. You have probably seen such moments on YouTube: when a hidden symbol appears on the line, free spins or additional Wild pictures fall out. Also, the high dispersion allows you to get the desired screen inscriptions: BIGWIN! or MEGA BIG WIN! And you think you’re going crazy with happiness. But you have to be careful about slots with high volatility. In fact, they are very dangerous.

Choose for the game machines of this type can be in such cases:

  • You can spend money on gambling without remorse;
  • You do not tolerate mediocrity, and your motto is everything (a big win) or nothing;
  • It is not difficult for you to stop playing after losing a bankroll;
  • You are ready to wait a long time for the right moment, realizing that when it comes, you will be grateful for the nerves and patience.

The main strategy of the game on the devices with high dispersion – to have a large budget, within the framework of 150-300 bets on the back. This means that if you play Gonzo’s Quest and your balance is 600 euros, the bets should not exceed 2-3 euros.

How to find out the level of dispersion of one or another slot machine

If you don’t have the information you need in the public domain, the only way to know them is to play this game. But there is another option. Although it does not give a full guarantee, but it allows you to know the approximate level of dispersion. Here, much will depend on the number of characters, lines and drums in the game. Also important is the presence of jackpot. First you need to look at the table of coefficients. If somewhere it is written that you can win a very large amount of money on the machine, it is likely that the dispersion here as a minimum average. But most likely it is a high-volatile slot.

The higher the maximum ratio for the combination, the higher the chances that the slot will have to endure until it gives a big win. Another tip is to compare the difference in payouts between 4 and 5-character combinations. If it is small (for 5 pictures in a row it will be given in 3-5 times more), it is more likely that you have a car with low volatility. But if the whole abyss (10-15 times), then the slot machine is highly volatile.