How to play roulette

The answer to the question of how to play roulette depends on its variety. There are European, American and French variants of the game. There are other versions, for example, without a zero or with fewer cells. Of all the varieties presented is considered a classic European roulette, which is loved by many visitors to land and virtual casinos. A beginner can start with this option, as it is a basic one.

How to play roulette (general principles)

Regardless of the type of game selected by the user, there are general rules for any roulette. The main purpose of this gambling entertainment – to guess the number of the cell on the wheel, where the ball should get. At the beginning of the session, participants make bets, placing chips on certain numbered sectors of the playing field, and the dealer launches a roulette wheel with the same numbering cells. The player gets a win if after stopping the wheel the ball on it was in the cell with the number on which the bet was made. The participants of the game can bet not only on one number, but also on:

  • a set of numbers;
  • parity numbers;
  • large and small numbers;
  • sectors (available on some tables).

How to play roulette to get a bigger win? The size of the prize depends on the number of chips set. Virtual roulette is offered on many portals, but you should choose only the best resources with gambling. For example, you can play at

The main stages of the roulette game

To start playing roulette, you need to choose the appropriate game in one casino and make a deposit. The game session includes the following steps:

  • The user buys chips;
  • Automatically or with the help of a dealer a wheel with a balloon is started;
  • the wheel stops and the ball hits one of the cells;
  • If the number on which the bet was made matches the number on which the ball was placed, the player wins.

After buying chips the participants of the game session make bets. The moves are accepted until the dealer informs about the completion of the bets. In some types of roulette there are limits on the maximum and minimum betting. When the ball stops in a certain segment, the dealer announces the winners. To learn the rules of roulette does not require much time, but for beginners it is better to start with a free version or get in the online casino bonus for registration to use it for the game. It is important to note that in online casinos with live dealers possibility of free games is absent. There are also various roulette strategies. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But to really become a professional player, you need to practice well.

The rules of the game depend on the type of roulette

The homeland of roulette is France. But soon the “gambling queen” moved to other European countries, as well as to America. During such a journey, and some of the nuances of the game changed. For example, in the U.S. clever gambling club owners came up with an additional number – a double zero, which reduced the likelihood of receiving a prize. If you don’t like roulette, you can try free slots. People in some countries answer the question of how to play roulette in their own way, because today there are three main types of entertainment:

  1. American. There are supposed to be 38 rooms, including double zero, which increases the advantage of the casino. But that players more often choose this option, they can promise larger potential winnings;
  2. European classical roulette. There are 37 numbers, including a zero. Beginners can start learning the game with this basic option;
  3. French roulette with a unique playing field.

Different types of roulette differ among themselves:

  • chips;
  • equipment;
  • rules of conduct;
  • special rules.