Casino reviews – true or false

Many gamblers prefer to play in real institutions, rather than in online casinos. This is due to many parameters, for example, a simple distrust of casino sites on the Internet. However, those who nevertheless decided to try their hand at online institutions, first try to get to know this casino better. Each version of the casino there is a so-called demo version. That is, it is essentially the same software with all the games that the gambling site offers, but the game in them is played not for real money, but for simple points, that is, for interest or for candy wrappers.

Before registering, users try to find more information on the Internet

Sometimes such searches lead people to forums where this virtual casino has already been repeatedly discussed by forum users. Accordingly, each gambling establishment has reviews, both negative and positive. Now the quite logical question arises: is it possible to trust such reviews? The first thing you need to pay attention to is the number of discussions: if there are a lot of them and they are all positive, and besides, they are two or three words each, then most likely such reviews were written by one, two, maximum five people specifically for PR of specific casino.

If you suspect that the comments are too one-sided characterize online casinos, and only in a good way, you should pay attention to the dates of placement of such reviews. As a rule, promotions designed to convince potential players to trust online casinos are held in a short time, so the gap between the reviews left will not exceed a weekly period. Of course, if it’s really “artificial” casino ratings. To correctly assess the “reality” of opinions, you need to look at several independent resources, carefully checking the dates, texts, names of authors. And it takes a lot of time.

You should take a note that among judgments about online casinos, there should be positive, neutral and negative reviews

And this is quite normal. If you manage to weed out false statements, you can clearly see the whole picture and characteristics of online casinos given by real players. But some free casino can have much more positive reviews, cause no one lost money there.

However, not only a large number of good grades should be suspicious. Often you can see some negative statements on any gambling site. And this may not mean at all that the casino is really bad. It happens that the competition is not quite beautiful and thus “tarnish” strong opponents. Complaints are written about non-payment of winnings, deceits, constant losses at the casino and many other completely unflattering addresses of such institutions. And in this case, the “reality” of the reviews can be checked by the method described above in this article. Read carefully, see the nicknames (names) of those who wrote, verify this and the dates of posting comments on various independent sites.

Believe it or not reviews of the casino is a personal matter for each player. In addition to reading opinions on sites and forums, there are many other factors by which you can understand what kind of casino is in front of us. For example, chat with real players (on the same forums or on social networks). But the most important criterion is personal experience. This is the only way to make sure that a good casino or a bad one.

Positive comments have an even greater effect if they come directly from people who are simple Internet users and not special reviewers. Users of online casinos show incredible trust in the reviews. In order to give players a chance to leave feedback on content, it’s in the interests of operators to create various kinds of forums in which players who leave feedback will be rewarded for truthful words shedding light on online casinos, as well as their bets, games and bonuses.