Online casino games

To succeed in a casino, you need to choose some game. Everyone has their own preferences: someone likes to play card games, others want to try their luck at roulette, others like slot machines. All of them vary among themselves, and have certain features. Absolutely all online casino games are built on the randomness of the outcome of the event. Each game has its own mathematical expectation of winning and losing. The vast majority of casino games have a negative mathematical expectation. This means that in the end, no matter how much you try to beat the dealer or roulette, the casino will remain in the black. Random victories can be explained by dispersion, which from time to time passes to the side of the player, allowing him to temporarily feel the taste of winning. The higher the variance, the higher the chance of winning money. However, before choosing a particular casino it is better to get acquainted with sweden casino reviews initially.

Initially, all online casino games are divided into two categories: casual and workshops. In random games, we either bet on roulette or spin the slot machine drum. After the bet is made, nothing depends on us. Talking about mathematical expectation is pointless here, so the result depends on chance. For example, everyone knows the game of roulette. Many mathematical minds struggled to develop a game strategy. As a result, it turned out only to reduce or increase the variance. Unfortunately, expectation is still on the side of the casino. Nevertheless, following the clear rules of the game of roulette increases the chances of winning. Indeed, with chaotic bets, the result of the game is predetermined in advance.

Let’s look at the most popular online games of sweden casino, which today are the most popular.

Online roulette

Probably the most famous and popular game both in online and in ordinary casinos. Many people try to win money here in every imaginable and inconceivable ways, most often unsuccessfully. Using various strategies allows you to bring the player closer to the desired goal, but the mathematical expectation is on the side of the casino and is at least 2.5%.

Black Jack

Card game, where a knowledgeable and experienced person can earn an impressive amount. The mathematical expectation on the side of the casino is only 0.5%. Blackjack is less dispersive and depends not only on chance or luck. First of all, mastery plays a decisive role here, but you still cannot play without luck.

Caribbean poker

Pretty dispersive game. The advantage of the casino is observed at a rate of 5%. There are several varieties of poker in which the casino advantage is reduced to 2%. But this, unfortunately, is the limit.

Video poker

As in regular poker, the main task is to collect the highest combination. Due to the simplification of the game process, video poker is easier for beginners than its counterpart – classic poker. The mathematical expectation, that is, the advantage of the casino, is quite low here, about 0.2%, which makes the game not only popular, but also one of the most profitable in the online casino all over the world.


Another type of online casino games. This game is very often shown on TV when a tipsy company plays dice in Las Vegas. Regarding the variance, it is quite high here. More often this type of gambling is considered solely as entertainment.

Most virtual casinos offer a variety of games, but mostly they are derived from the above. It can be various types of poker, roulette (American, European, card), as well as all kinds of slot machines and other gambling games.