When talking about the benefits of online games, we are sure to talk about promotions and bonuses. The “action” word deposit is becoming popular. In the vocabulary of these destinations player All games offer promotions for depositing players in the game to get the game industry is ready to act promotions and generous bonuses as a marketing ploy to give players an advantage when blackjack. Play online, roulette, slots and other table games.

There are 3 types of casino bonuses:

  • Depending on whether a deposit is required: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.
  • Depending on whether a player is new or existing: get bonuses and reload bonuses.
  • Remove the normal restrictions: zero risk bonds, and bonds sticky


No deposit casino bonus – make a deposit and receive a fixed amount of money casino bonus. One of the most common types of bonds – $ 100 for a $ 100 deposit

Percentage deposit casino bonus – make a deposit and receive a percentage of its value in money casino bonuses. This type of deposit bonuses advantageous.

Casino zero risk / security / cash back bonus – make a deposit, but not immediately receive a bonus. If a player is going to lose money, you lose the amount returned to your account as a bonus. Casinos often give money lost for a day and the refund amount is 100 €.

No deposit bonuses are divided into:

Bonus (Bonus download sign up bonus) – player receives a small amount of money ($ 1 – $ 25) that the expenditure for the simple fact that it is registered in the casino.

Vote Bonus (bonus vote) – the voices of the players in a casino in a popular gaming sites, casino receives confirmation of the vote and value. In general, a bonus every month.

Send to a friend Bono (Refer-a-Friend bonus) – tell your friends about the casinos, and if he / she made a deposit at the casino, you get a small bonus ($ 10 – $ 50). The casino player has to send an email or fill out a small form of confirmation.

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Bonus Game Time (1 hour free play with bonus) – the amount of the premium can be up to $ 500 in general. After the games, casino players can withdraw money from your account. This type of “bonus” increasingly popular these days.

Of course, nothing is free in this world. Deposit bonuses are often tied to conditions. The main condition – the player must wager a predetermined amount before you can withdraw the free money. General collection is right on the value of the bonus offer by more than 15-30 times, although there are differences.

Conclusion As the market of online casinos is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive every day, online casinos have begun to have an impact on your profits with marketing strategies, such as promotions and bonuses to acquire players. Play time at the casino money can seriously affect its quarterly results.

Players get smarter Promotions Search secure this deposit sites before boarding. On the tables I’m sure over time, back to the online industry should use something more creative to keep these players.