How to win via express bets

How to win, betting on the express? Many betters have the same question. There is no one concrete answer, otherwise each of us would win constantly. However, there are a few rules to follow if you really want to achieve success in express sports betting. In this article we will look at exactly this type of bet. If you follow these simple principles, you can increase your chances of success.

The essence of an express bet is quite simple, the rate of events taken into an express is multiplied together, for example, you have three bet coefficients: 2.0,3.0,4.0. Then the express ratio will be equal to 2 * 3 * 4 = 24. Express wins only in case of winning of each bet included in the express.

Simple principles of express bets

The first and most important thing is not to add events with high odds to the express (greater than 2.0), leave large odds for single bets, usually take express bets at the expense of the number of bets and minimal risk. Also, you should not bet on events of a second importance, such as for example FNL in football or ITF tournaments in tennis, in such competitions, so-called “plums” or “playing bookmakers” often occur, when the notorious favorite is inferior to a rather weak opponent.

When betting on outcomes, it is worth more often to use the “+” odds (+ 1, +1, 5), although the coefficient will be lower, but the probability of an event will increase markedly, which is a key factor in betting on the express. Too many events are also not worth putting in one express, 4-5 is enough. It is better to make 2 express trains for 4 events than one for 8, then you yourself understand perfectly well that the probability of winning will noticeably increase.

It is better not to allow expressions collected from the events of the same tournament, since it is very rare that any competition passes without sensations, and choosing several events from the tournament, the probability of getting to that very sensation drops noticeably. Choosing a bet, you need to carefully study the statistics of not only the last matches, but also personal confrontations and you need to remember that the home team is always able to give the away game, in whatever form it may be.

Choosing the team on which to bet, you need to carefully study the standings, namely the fact of motivation. An unmotivated opponent, for example, a team that has already issued an exit to the playoffs ahead of schedule, may well set up a reserve squad on the field. The same applies to individual competitions. By adding bets to the total to the express player, the player risks that this type of betting is much more unpredictable than, for example, outcomes, since the teams can quite well either arrange an over-scoring meeting or dry the game.

Take into account the fact that some coefficients can be artificially high or low, thus encouraging you to bet, you should never look only at the coefficient, because in the express, the main thing is not how much you win, and most importantly do not lose, that is, stay in the black. You need to bet on the kind of sport in which you really understand, which you watch closely and understand what to expect from this or that team.
Also, you should carefully consider the rules of the bookmaker itself, in some offices there is a so-called “limit” of coefficients for express, for example, 1000, that is, if your express won with a factor of 5000, then you will be calculated by odds 1 thousand. The same can be with the winning amount. Therefore it is worth choosing for the game only those bookmakers that have proven themselves well. As an example, you can take the company, which has long been an excellent option for the game. Do not forget that any bet on sports is a risk, and it is necessary to bet not only on luck, but also with the mind!