Roulette with a track

This type of roulette, which is also called track roulette, appeared relatively recently. All the rules are created in the likeness of the good old French roulette. The playing field also has the same betting sectors as European roulette. There is only one difference – roulette with a track has a “raster track” field. This field was created with the aim of simplifying oral bets, as well as making the process of betting on split, four of a kind, strip and sixlay easier. Also, this field is a substitute for the usual not very convenient dialog boxes that are used for the above rates in French roulette.

Several people can play track roulette, or maybe one. One table is designed for up to four players. The most optimal number of roulette players with a track is considered to be 3 people. A game with a lot of players has some advantages. For example, it is possible to select a range of bets and the time of their completion. You can just watch the game, or you can even bet on neighbors on your game table.

If we compare American roulette and roulette with the track, then the second gives significantly more chances to win. This is due to the fact that track roulette has one zero. If the ball falls into it, then the player who did not bet on it does not lose its entire bet, but its half. Even in classic roulette, with a Zero, the player loses all bets. This rule has the French name La Portage, and applies only to those types of bets that are called “fifty-fifty” (fifty-fifty-fifty), that is, those that have almost fifty percent to win and lose. Such bets can be bets on black or red, odd or even, and other equal chances.

The raster track itself has an oval shape. Along the perimeter of this oval are numbers that have the same sequence as on the roulette wheel. From left to right, the track is divided into four zones: Serie 5/8, Orph, Serie 0/2/3, Zero. Often I call the last zone a zero spire. The features of Zero in roulette have been described a lot in other articles.

Bets can be made until the moment the roulette wheel rotates, which, in principle, does not differ in other types of roulette. The size of bets in a roulette with a track, as in other types of this game, can vary enormously – from 1 cent to a million dollars. Usually the lower limit on roulette bets differs from the upper one by 100 times. For example, if the minimum bet on roulette with a track is $ 1, then the maximum, usually, is $ 100.

Why is everyone so fond of roulette?

Roulette is always a real chance to earn great money. Of course, here you cannot completely control the process and a lot depends on luck and the algorithm that roulette itself works on. However, in any case, the chance to win at roulette is higher than, for example, the same probability of winning at slot machines. However, it is very important here to immediately find a reliable casino that will responsibly treat its players and will not change the roulette algorithm on its website. If you want to get just such a platform, then you can try play online casino PinUp. In this online casino you can find everything you need for a successful game, and the chances of winning roulette will be significantly higher than on other sites.

Consequently, you get a real chance to win and build up your capital, which you allocate for gambling. It is also worth mentioning separately about some strategies that are most often used when playing roulette. The Martingale system immediately comes to mind, which advises you to double every next bet. Thus, even if you win, you can recapture your money, and in case of several victories in a row you will have a great opportunity to win good money.