The biggest winnings in slot machines

Each of us dreams of taking a big win at the casino. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. In this article we will tell you about the biggest winnings in the best casinos at the slot machines. The lucky ones were very lucky or a special strategy? It does not matter, because they did become millionaires with the help of a gambling establishment.

$7.41 million, New Zealand, Mega Moolah

In the summer of 2016 a young guy from New Zealand played at the new casino Casinoland. For entertainment he chose one of the most famous slots, namely Mega Moolah from Microgaming. He won 7.41 million U.S. dollars, for which the guy promised to buy for his family as many different gifts as possible.

$8.6 million, Greece, Mega Moolah

There were far fewer major online slot wins in 2009. In this regard, the luck of Greek Georgios looked incredible. 36-year-old businessman received a jackpot of $ 8.6 million in slots Mega Moolah. It must be understood that this was many years ago, when the dollar price was much higher.

€7.6 million, Sweden, Hall of Gods

If we talk about big winnings at online casinos, we can’t help but mention the following story. In 2012, a Swedish resident suddenly became richer, worth about 8 million euros. Everything happened thanks to slots Hall of Gods. After winning, she promised to pay off numerous loans, buy a new car and help her family.

$7.86 million, Australia, Dark Knight

7.86 million U.S. dollars won by an Australian in 2016 at Dark Knight slot machines. It all happened in just one spin. Once Dark Knight was a real discovery, but lately most players have cooled down to it.

$17.2 million, UK, Mega Moolah

A very interesting story took place in England in 2015. A young British soldier decided to pass the time playing in the slots Mega Moolah. He was spinning 25 cents. Suddenly one spin brought him a win of more than 17 million American dollars. It’s hard to believe, but a tiny 25 cents turned into a huge 17 million.

$24 million, Finland, Mega Fortune

It is impossible not to tell about the next maximum win at the casino. In early 2013, a resident of Finland settled down to play the Mega Fortune slot. The player spun only 25 cents, but caught the biggest win in the history of online casinos – almost 24 million U.S. dollars.

$8.73 million, Sweden, Hall of Gods

At Betsson Casino in 1015, a pretty impressive jackpot on the Hall of Gods slot was blown. The lucky guy’s name remains unknown. It was most likely Swedish or Norwegian after all. The Hall of Gods has already created a number of millionaires since its launch in 2010. Many of them live in Sweden or other Scandinavian countries for some reason.

$8.82 million, country unknown, Mega Moolah

In 2016, a user named D.P. managed to win the biggest jackpot ever played on a mobile phone. The case was in Zodiac Casino, a slot machine Mega Moolah Mobile. The most interesting thing here is the way to get the winnings. In the casino at the time there was a campaign called Eighty Chance to become a millionaire. To participate required a funny deposit of one American dollar. Mr. D.P. had never invested his dollar so profitably before.

€11.7 million, Norway, Mega Fortune

Casino winnings are different. So, one day in September 2011, a young guy from Norway couldn’t sleep. He had a real insomnia and he just spun online slot machines Mega Fortune from NetEnt. As a result, he never fell asleep until morning, as he suddenly broke the biggest jackpot in online casino history at the time – as much as 11.7 million euros.
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